Diagnostic Seriology Team

About Us

The Diagnostic Serology Team performs serological screening and testing for a large variety of infectious diseases. Specimens are tested for programs that include Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, and Mental Health & Mental Retardation. Tests for these programs include screens for Hepatitis B, Rubella (German Measles), and syphilis. Tests are also performed that confirm disease outbreaks including measles, and less commonly encountered diseases such as Hantavirus and arboviral encephalitis. The team is staffed by six microbiologists with backgrounds in Biology, Microbiology and Medical Technology. The majority of specimens submitted are serum, but in some cases plasma and Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) can also be tested. On occasion the team also performs tests on animals for surveillance of diseases such as Plague and Hantavirus.

Any questions about testing or interpretation of results may be addressed to the Diagnostic Serology Section Chief, at (512) 776-7514. For a complete list of the tests performed by this team along with descriptions of each disease, see the Serology Tests page. View the Serology Specimen Acceptance Criteria (PDF)