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7,000 Series: Processed Products



7020.1 Verifying Donation of Misbranded and Economically Adulterated Meat and Poultry Products to Non-Profit Organizations (Jan 26, 2016)
7111.1 Verification Procedures for Lethality and Stabilization (Aug 14, 2017)
7120.1 Safe and Suitable Ingredients Used in the Production of Meat, Poultry and Egg Products - Revision 48 (Dec 6, 2018)
7130.1 Verifying Nutrition Labeling for the Major Cuts of Single-Ingredient, Raw Meat and Poultry Products and Ground or Chopped Meat and Poultry Products (Jul 8, 2015)
7150.1 Descriptive Designation for Needle or Blade Tenderized Raw Beef Products as Required by 9 CFR 317.2(e)(3) (Apr 3, 2018)
7160.3 Verification Activities for Advanced Meat Recovery Using Beef Vertebral Raw Materials - Revision 2 (Sep 21, 2017)
7230.1 Ongoing Verification of Product Formulation and Labeling Targeting the Eight Most Common (“BIG 8”) Food Allergens - Revision 1 (Sep 26, 2018)
7320.1 Prevention and Control of Trichinella in Pork Products (August 6, 2018)

Last updated March 14, 2019