List of Registered Needleless Systems and Sharps Devices with Engineered Sharps Injury Protection - Medical Device Bloodborne Pathogen Control

NOTE: The inclusion of a registered device on this list shall in no way represent or imply an endorsement or recommendation of any such device by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Unistik 2 Single-Use Lancet Manufactured by Owen Mumford

Product Name

Unistik 2, Unistik 3

Model Name and/or Number:

Normal, Extra, Super, Comfort, Dual

DSHS Registration Number:


Sizes Available:

18g, 21g, 23g, 28g

Common Name/Type:

blood lancet/single-use safety lancet

Needleless System or Sharps Device:


If a Sharps Device, Physical Safety Attributes:


How Safety Feature is Activated:

Push in the lancet until it clicks. Twist off the cap. Press the firing pad. The lancet then automatically retracts reducing risk of needlestick.

Product Description:

Unistik is a simple, safe and self contained single use lancet. There are no endcaps, lancets or complex devices to assemble, making for easy usage. All needles for the Unistik are aseptically protected until use. Because Unistik is single use, there is no worry of cross infection. All that is needed for use is to push in the lancet, twist off the cap and press the firing pad. The needle retracts.

Manufacturer's Information:

Owen Mumford
1755-A West Oak Commons Ct.
Marietta, GA 30062
Contact: Mike Henry
Phone: (770) 977-2226
Fax: (770) 977-2866