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Licensing - Medical Device Distributors and Manufacturers

Licensing Options

Medical device manufacturers and distributors may use the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System to apply for new (initial) licenses or to renew existing licenses. An additional fee may be charged for online licenses. 

Licenses may be renewed online during the eligibility period beginning 60 days prior to the license expiration date and ending on the license expiration date. 

Currently, we are unable to process applications online for minor amendment changes to a license, such as name or address changes. Multiple product licenses may not be obtained or renewed using the online licensing system. 

Device Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers may apply for a license online, or by completing and returning a license application form. Licenses are valid for two years unless amended, suspended or revoked. For assistance in completing applications, call 512-834-6727. 

“Manufacturer” means a person who manufactures, fabricates, assembles or processes a finished device. The term includes a person who repackages or relabels a finished device. The term does not include a person who only distributes a finished device. “Finished Device” means a device, or any accessory to a device, which is suitable for use, whether packaged or labeled for commercial distribution. 

License Verification Requirements

  • The license number of the firm. 
  • The return address. Without this, the license verification will be returned to the address on the original envelope or letterhead, or to the address of the firm listed on the form. 
  • Complete only those parts of a license verification form that must be filled in by the applicant. Do not fill out any part of the form that is required to be completed by the agency. 
  • A letter of good standing can be provided if the requesting state does not include a blank affidavit form. 

Additional Information