DSHS Distributes Additional Medical Supplies for COVID-19 Response

News Release
News Release
March 15, 2020

News Release
March 15, 2020

At the request of the Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas has received a share of personal protective equipment from the Strategic National Stockpile. DSHS is distributing the medical supplies to hospitals and health care providers across the state through the state's Hospital Preparedness Program.

These supplies will support Texas' healthcare workers as they work to respond to and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 inTexas. Items began arriving at a San Antonio warehouse on Saturday, March 14,and DSHS is immediately sending supplies on to its local partners, whichwill distribute them to health care facilities and providers in theirareas. DSHS will continue to work with the same organizations to distributeremaining supplies to areas where they are needed most.


"We’re using a system Texashas used before in times of disaster to get supplies where they’reneeded," said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS commissioner. "This willensure that decisions are made in the communities affected on how best to usethese important resources."


"Our health care professionals are onthe front lines of the COVID-19 response, and the supplies from the StrategicNational Stockpile will provide additional resources to help care for patientsin our communities," said Gov. Greg Abbott. "I thank our federalpartners for their swift response as well as the Department of State HealthServices for their ongoing work to deliver these supplies around thestate."


"Texas is no stranger to preparing for,responding to and recovering from disasters. We will continue to use the triedand true methods we have used successfully in the past to respond to thisevent," said Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd."We will continue to work with and support our local government partnersto ensure they are able to access the full range of resources available tothem."


The equipment provided includes surgicalmasks, respirators, face shields, surgical gowns and gloves.


The Strategic National Stockpile is anational repository of medications and other medical supplies maintained by theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services and designed to be sent to statesduring a national emergency.


DSHS is posting the latest information on COVID-19,advice for the public, health care providers and others, and updating casecounts daily at /coronavirus



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