DSHS Resumes Filling Medical Staffing Requests

News Release
News Release
August 11, 2021

News Release
Aug. 11, 2021

The Texas Department of State Health Services has informed cities, counties and health care facilities that the state will resume filling requests for medical surge staff that cannot be met locally. DSHS is working with staffing agencies that are recruiting more than 2,500 medical personnel to assist hospitals and other health care facilities reaching capacity due to the current increase in COVID-19 cases. The priority is to recruit staff from out-of-state, and DSHS has directed the agencies not to utilize staff from other Texas health care facilities.

Facilities should continue to work with their counties, cities and other partners to meet needs locally whenever possible. They may submit a State of Texas Assistance Request if additional resources are required. DSHS is asking facilities and local governments to be judicious with their requests because there is a limited supply of staff available, and all regions of the state need assistance.

DSHS has funds available to support immediate staffing costs. However, extended staff deployments may require cost sharing by local governments or individual facilities.



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