Statement on First Ebola Test Being Conducted in Austin

News Release
News Release
November 3, 2014

Sept. 30, 2014

  • DSHS is aware of the suspect Ebola case in Dallas and is coordinating with the CDC and local health officials.
  • We received a specimen for testing today at our Texas public health lab in Austin, and we hope to have results later this afternoon.

  • This is the first specimen to be tested for Ebola at our state lab. The CDC also is conducting testing for Ebola.

  • State health officials are in communication with the local health department to support the situation and make sure all precautions are being taken.

  • At this point, all precautions are being taken as if this was an Ebola case.

  • Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood, secretions or other bodily fluids or exposure to contaminated objects, such as needles. Ebola is not contagious until symptoms appear and it is not transmitted through the air.


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