Texas Ebola Update

News Release
News Release
October 18, 2014

Oct. 18, 2014

Case Count
Texas has had three confirmedcases of Ebola. The first patient died in Dallas Oct. 8. The second patient, ahealth care worker, was diagnosed Oct. 11. The third patient, a health careworker, was diagnosed Oct. 15. 

People Being Monitored (CDC)
DSHS is working closely with the CDC to monitor people who have had contact with thethree Ebola patients, Ebola specimens or potentially contaminated surfaces. Atotal of 145 contacts and possible contacts currently are being monitored forsymptoms. A total of 14 people have completed surveillance.? 

Direction to Health Care Workers Who Entered Ebola Patient's Room (60 kb pdf)
Peoplewho entered the hospital room of Thomas Eric Duncan, the state's first Ebolapatient, are being directed not to go to public places, such as grocery stores,or travel by plane, ship or train until 21 days after exposure. The directioncomes after a health care worker involved in Duncan's care had been on a flightshortly before diagnosis of the disease.

Direction to Lab Personnel (48 kb pdf)
?A group of hospital lab workers who handledEbola specimens are being monitored twice day for symptoms and have beeninstructed not to travel. They did not have direct contact with any of thethree patients and are not considered to be significantly at risk.  

Directionto Health Care Workers Who Cared for Colleagues with Ebola (50 kb pdf)
A small group of people who took care of the state’s secondand third Ebola patients – both health care workers at Texas HealthPresbyterian Hospital – have been instructed not to travel and are beingmonitored twice a day for symptoms. They have also been given the option tostay at the hospital on a non-admission status for monitoring.

Direction to Flight Passengers Who Sat Within Three Feet of Health Care Worker (62 kb pdf)
Texas health officials are contacting nearly 200 people in Texaswho were passengers on at least one of two Frontier flights between Clevelandand Dallas that carried a health care worker who was diagnosed with Ebolashortly after her travels. All passengers who were on the two flights are being monitoredfor symptoms twice a day by Texas public health officials.  A small groupof those passengers were identified as having sat within three feet of thehealth care worker and are considered to be at a higher risk of exposure. That group has been directed to stay home and not travel by plane, ship,long-distance bus or train.


(News Media Contact: Carrie Williams, carrie.williams@dshs.state.tx.us, 512-776-7119)