Texas to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine for Large Vaccination Hubs

News Release
News Release
January 7, 2021

News Release
Jan. 7, 2021

Next week, Texas will direct mostof the COVID-19 vaccine received from the federal government to large providerswho can vaccinate a total of more than 100,000 people. Additional vaccine willbe distributed to smaller providers in other parts of the state.


As the vaccination effort continuesto expand to people who are at a greater risk of hospitalization and death, inaddition to front-line health care workers, these vaccination hubs will providepeople in those priority populations with identifiable sites where vaccinationis occurring and a simpler way to sign-up for an appointment with eachprovider.


Providers that receive the largeramounts of vaccine will vaccinate health care workers, people who are 65 andolder, and those who have a medical condition that increases their risk ofsevere disease or death. They also agree to provide a registration phone numberand website and focus on areas and populations hardest hit by COVID-19 whilevaccinating people from surrounding areas.


The Texas Department of StateHealth Services surveyed vaccine providers about their capacity to operatelarge, community vaccination sites the week of Jan. 11 and will publish a listof vaccine hub providers later this week once vaccine allocation is finalized.


Large and small sites around Texaswill receive a total of about 200,000 doses of vaccine next week. That will be thelast week the state is required to reserve doses to vaccinate residents andstaff of long-term care facilities under the federal pharmacy-LTC partnership, freeing up more vaccine for usein other settings in the future.


Vaccine remains limited based onthe capacity of the manufacturers to produce it, so it will take time for Texasto receive enough vaccine for the people in the priority populations who wantto be vaccinated. The supply is expected to increase in the coming months, andadditional vaccines are in clinical trials and may be authorized by the Foodand Drug Administration. Providers should use all doses allocated to administerthe first dose of vaccine to people. There is no need to reserve shots for asecond dose because they will get a matching number of doses for that at theappropriate time.


People can find more information onCOVID-19 vaccine and its availability at /sites/default/files/coronavirus/sites/default/files/immunize/vaccine.aspx


(News Media Contact: pressofficer@dshs.texas.gov)