Texas to Receive More Than 1.3 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Pediatric Vaccine

News Release
News Release
November 3, 2021

News Release
Nov.3, 2021

The Texas Department of StateHealth Services has instructed the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionto ship Pfizer’s pediatric COVID-19 vaccine to over 900 providers in 155 Texascounties over the next week. The CDC will deliver 1,010,700 doses of thevaccine to Texas vaccine providers and 349,200 doses will be delivered topharmacies in the federal pharmacy program to vaccinate children between theages of 5 and 11. More than 400,000 doses of vaccine have already arrived with 162,000expected to arrive today, and delivery of the full amount will continue throughthe next week.


“Vaccinating children between theages of 5 and 11 helps to protect all Texans from COVID-19,” said Dr. JohnHellerstedt, DSHS commissioner. “Twenty-two Texas children between the ages of5 and 11 have died from complications of COVID-19 and 118 have been diagnosedwith Multisystem Inflammatory Syndromein Children. Thepediatric vaccine will further help reduce the spread of disease and preventthe rare but serious complications of COVID-19 in this age group.”


The Food and Drug Administration issuedan emergency use authorization for the pediatric vaccine on Friday, and vaccinestarted arriving in Texas on Monday. The CDC issued its clinical guidance forproviders today. A list of providers receiving the pediatric vaccine isavailable at the PediatricVaccine Provider Allocation List.


The pediatric vaccine comes in adifferent formulation from the vaccine approved for adults, so it is importantto seek out providers who have received the pediatric vaccine when gettingchildren in this age group vaccinated. Most vaccine shipments are expected toarrive in the next week, and DSHS recommends making an appointment or checkingwith the provider before going to get vaccinated.

There are approximately 2.9 millionchildren ages 5 to 11 in Texas. 



(News Media Contact: pressofficer@dshs.texas.gov)