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A group of doctors

Graduates of our program have continued on to various prestigious positions in both the public and private sector. Below are just a few examples of our many distinguished alumni.

Lisa Cornelius, MD, MPH

Infectious Diseases/Hospital Epidemiologist at the Texas Veterans Healthcare System

Dr. Cornelius is an Infectious Diseases/Hospital Epidemiologist at the Texas Veterans Healthcare System. Previously she served as the Medical Director and Health Authority for the Williamson County and Cities Health District. Before working for Williamson County, Dr. Cornelius was the Infectious Diseases Medical Office for DSHS and the principal medical resource for the DSHS Disease Prevention Section for infectious diseases including tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), viral hepatitis, enteric, bloodborne, respiratory, and vaccine-preventable and zoonotic diseases. Dr. Cornelius is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University College of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine and on staff in Infectious Diseases at St. David's Round Rock Medical Center.

Joel Massey, MD, MPH

DSHS Medical Director – Region 2/3 (Arlington, TX)

Dr. Massey leads the region’s public health medical care, which covers 49 counties across North Texas. The DSHS region is responsible for the public health services in 37 of those counties, which do not have their own local health department. He oversees multiple field offices, managing areas such as case management for persons with specialized healthcare needs, epidemiological surveillance, child and adult immunizations, maternal-child health and safety programs, restaurant sanitation, sexually transmitted infection treatment and prevention, tuberculosis control and tobacco prevention. He also collaborates with stakeholders to build community partnerships and promote a “health-in-all-policies” strategy toward a vision of a healthy Texas.

Emilie Prot, DO, MPH

DSHS Medical Director – Region 11 (Harlingen, TX)

Dr. Prot manages all aspects of the region 11, which covers the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, public health responses and care. She is passionate about global health, advocacy, and health equity and strives to care for the population of the Rio Grande Valley through implementation of best practices in public health management, outreach and emergency preparedness.

Lillian Ringsdorf, MD, MPH

DSHS Medical Director - Region 8 (San Antonio, TX)

Dr. Ringsdorf is currently the Regional Medical Director of Texas Department of State Health Services Region 8 in San Antonio, TX. She manages medical issues during infectious disease outbreaks and is member of the Rapid Assessment Team which is a deployable resource for the agency during public health emergencies.

Last updated January 8, 2021