About the Preventive Medicine Residency Program

The Preventive Medicine Residency at the Texas Department of State Health Services provides hands-on experience in public health and population medicine at the local, regional, and state levels. Trainees receive the comprehensive and experiential training necessary to excel in the field of public health and population-based preventive medicine through the resources of our health department and our excellent external partners. Our program prioritizes the keys of leadership, policy development, and clinical skills necessary to promote health, prevent disease, and improve population wellness.

Mission Statement and Educational Goals

The DSHS Preventive Medicine Residency prepares physicians for a successful preventive medicine career. The curriculum and training experiences enable the resident to reach the overall program educational goals:

  1. Achieve core and preventive medicine specialty competencies necessary for effective practice;
  2. Master subject matter pertaining to the scope of public health and preventive medicine duties of DSHS; and
  3. Attain board certification by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.