DSHS PHR 2/3 Epidemiology

The Epidemiology Program provides services to 37 of 49 counties in the North Texas Region by active involvement in core epidemiology functions including:

  • Public Health Surveillance
  • Outbreak Response and Field Investigation
  • Epidemiological Studies 

24/7 Disease Reporting: 817-822-6786    |     Secure Fax: 817-264-4557     |    Contact us at: HSR2-3.EpiReporting@dshs.texas.gov

DSHS PHR 2-3 Epidemiology Staff Contacts
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Heidi Threadgill Honza, MPH, CIC, CPH Chief Epidemiologist, Manager 817-264-4550  Heidi.Threadgill@dshs.texas.gov
David Retana, MPH, CPH Epidemiologist III, Supervisor 817-264-4656 David.Retana@dshs.texas.gov
Sarah Work, MPH, a-ICP Healthcare Associated Infections Epidemiologist 817-264-4585  Sarah.Work@dshs.texas.gov
Kelsey Tatum, MPH, CIC, CPH Epidemiologist II, Vaccine Preventable Diseases Lead 817-264-4569  Kelsey.Tatum@dshs.texas.gov
Alex Estrada, MPH, CPH Epidemiologist II, Enteric/GI Diseases Lead 817-264-4657 Alex.Estrada@dshs.texas.gov
Scott Mize, MPH  Epidemiologist II, Invasive/Respiratory Lead & Influenza Surveillance Coordinator 817-264-4706 Scott.Mize@dshs.texas.gov 
Steven Pulvino, MPH, CIC, CPH Epidemiologist II, Disaster Epidemiologist Lead 817-264-4890 Steven.Pulvino@dshs.texas.gov
Robert Lashbrook Epidemiologist I 817-264-4587 Robert.Lashbrook@dshs.texas.gov
Michelle Landry Epidemiology Prevention Specialist 817-264-4541  Michelle.Landry@dshs.texas.gov
Phuong Vo, MPH, MHA, CHES Epidemiologist II, COVID-19 Lead 817-264-4667 Phuong.Vo@dshs.texas.gov
DSHS PHR 2-3 Epidemiology Staff Contacts