Public Health Nursing - Public Health Region 2/3

The Public Health Nursing Program serves the health needs of Texans in a number of ways:​

  • Strategic placement of 9 full-service Field Offices throughout the region to become trusted partners providing quality services in the communities we serve.​

  • Preventing and responding to vaccine preventable diseases offering vaccinations to eligible children and adults throughout the 37 counties in our region that do not have their own health department.  Nurses may assist collecting specimens to identify and possibly treat infectious disease outbreaks.​

  • Case Management and treatment of those diagnosed with tuberculosis disease and tuberculosis infection.​

  • Case Management and education of mothers and infants exposed to Hepatitis B, to ensure timely and adequate vaccination of the infants preventing potentially fatal complications.​

  • Testing, treatment, and education for the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases; and testing, education and referrals for HIV.​

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through disease and injury prevention providing educational activities, resources, and work with community coalitions to identify and solve community problems.​

  • Maintaining a competent and prepared staff of Registered Nurses and Administrative Staff to provide response during disasters and emergencies and assist communities in recovery efforts after an emergency.

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Texas Department of State Health Services Public Health Region 2/3 Headquarters
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