Tuberculosis Disease Branch

The mission of the Tuberculosis Elimination Division is to prevent, control, and eliminate tuberculosis among the people of Texas. The mission will be accomplished by coordinating the efforts of health departments, healthcare providers, and communities to develop, implement, and assure compliance with effective tuberculosis strategies, standards, and policies.

The Regional Tuberculosis Branch services 38 of 49 counties in the North Texas Region by active involvement in disease prevention and elimination functions including:

  • Disease Surveillance and Investigation
  • Testing and Treatment
  • Education and Outbreak Response

Staff Contacts       Confidential Fax: 817-264-4895   

Robert Baxter  Communicable Disease Manager 817-264-4632
Misti Carraway, RN Program Manager 817-264-4685
Marissa Eugene  Quality Assurance Coordinator 817-264-4892
Je'Terius Duirden Case Registry 817-264-4894
Phoebe Seale  Accounts Payable Specialist 817-264-4532
Crystal Ogbuehi Contact Investigator 817-264-4946

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