Documents and Forms

For certified CEUs to be awarded for training, all of the following must be met:

  1. The training center has to be a training center for CHWs or CHWIs certified by DSHS
  2. The curriculum has to be certified under the training center
  3. The instructor has to be a certified CHW Instructor affiliated with the training center

The following forms and documents may be needed when developing and/or providing a DSHS-certified CHW/CHWI training under the OBPH CHW Training Center.

Prospective Community Health Worker Instructor Affiliates

  • OBPH CHWI Affiliation Form 
    If you are a DSHS-Certified CHW Instructor wanting to affiliate with the OBPH CHW Training Center, please fill out this form.

Curriculum Development

  • OBPH Curriculum Proposal Form (DOCX)
    The purpose of this form is to propose a curriculum that you wish to get DSHS certified under the OBPH CHW Training Center. The proposed curriculum must (1) align with the OBPH priorities, (2) not be a duplication of an existing certified curriculum through the Texas DSHS CHW or Promotor(a) Training and Certification Program, and (3) meet a need along the Texas-Mexico border.