Public Health Region 11 Specialized Health and Social Services

Vision Statement:

All children with special health care needs will have access to case management services to be provided by licensed social workers through diverse settings, including Early Childhood Intervention, Texas Health Steps sites, school-based clinics, special education programs, private and public hospitals state and local health departments, home health agencies, and all other private and public health and human services agencies which address the needs of these special children, ages 0-21. The Department of State Health Services will assume leadership role in assuring that case management services are provided by licensed social workers and are readily available, accessible, comprehensive, community-oriented, culturally competent, and customer driven. The Social Work Service Program will provide training, technical assistance, quality assurance, and service delivery as needed regardless of the child’s program eligibility or ability to pay.


Since 1933, the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program previously known as the Chronically Ill and Disabled Children (CIDC) Program, and before that known as the Crippled Children’s Program, has been helping the children of Texas improve their health and quality of life. The Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program helps by arranging and paying for medical treatment and equipment for children with medical needs.


CSHCN employs licensed social workers to provide case management services to the families of Children with Special Health Care Needs, to assist them in accessing services such as

  • Medical (exams, treatment, surgery, medications, expendable, and durable medical equipment) 
  • Developmental (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech) 
  • Educational (advocacy to assure IDEA benefits) 
  • Rehabilitative (linkage with Early Childhood Intervention and Texas Rehabilitation Commission) 
  • Social (Accessing any and all other community resources to support the stability of the family) 
  • Family Support Services (FSS) to provide home modifications, adaptive equipment, or respite 
  • Children & Pregnant Women (CPW), targeted case management to this high-risk Medicaid population 
  • CSHCN Eligibility determination, through field offices in Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Laredo, and McAllen

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