TB Bi-National Project - Public Health Region 11

Vision Statement:

We envision all citizens within the health jurisdictions of Public Health Region 11, Reynosa, and Matamoros having access to proper TB treatment through the binational partnerships established by "Grupo Sin Fronteras" basing our guiding principles on the cultures and values of our customers in the United States and Mexico.


The goal of the TB Binational Program is to provide the leadership on a binational level with our counterparts in Mexico in the treatment of Tuberculosis. Through a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Texas and State of Tamaulipas public health entities, the TB Binational Program serves as a catalyst in the collaborating efforts in the prevention of the further spread of TB and development of drug resistant strains.


  • Implement outreach activities including directly observed therapy, contact investigation, clinical histories in accordance with bi-national project protocols and reporting procedures;
  • Establish a database registry of specimens collected within the Reynosa and Matamoros health jurisdictions;
  • Identify TB drug resistance patterns of collected specimens;
  • Coordinate monthly Medical Review Committee meetings with physicians from Mexico and South Texas Hospital;
  • Conduct quarterly Bi-national Advisory Committee meetings to plan, implement, and monitor project activities;
  • Coordinate patient discharge planning with physicians from South Texas Hospital;
  • Maintain productive working relationships with Mexico and US health officials.

Melissa Davis
Program Manager