Texas Health Steps Program - Public Health Region 11


The mission of Texas Health Steps Program is to expand client awareness of existing health services, to recruit and retain a qualified provider pool, and to assure comprehensive services are available through public and private providers so that eligible young people in the Texas Health Steps client population can receive medical and dental care before health problems become chronic and irreversible.


The Texas Department of Health endorses an approach to health care that stresses preventive and primary care as most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve health. The mission of the Texas Health Steps Program is to promote preventive and primary health and dental care to Medicaid-eligible youth from birth through age 20. Through Texas Health Steps, clients receive regularly scheduled medical and dental checkups at no cost to them, as well as treatment for problems discovered during the checkups. In case of illness or emergency, a client may see a doctor through Medicaid Program.


Services provided by The Texas Health Steps program include:

  • Comprehensive Health and Developmental History
  • Developmental Surveillance or Screening
  • Nutritional Screening
  • Vision and Hearing Screening
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Screening
  • Health Education
  • Referrals to other health care providers (including dentists) as needed

Visit the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership website for a current list of participating Texas Health Steps medical and dental providers.

Additional Resources

The THSteps toll-free hotlines allow individuals to obtain information on Medicaid services and how to access them.  By calling the toll-free number 1-877-THSTEPS (1-877-847-8377), a client can receive: