Public Health Region 11 Retail Foods Safety


We dedicate our efforts to improving public health and protecting consumers from food-borne illness in the State of Texas by performing inspections of retail food establishments, providing guidance and education, and enforcement of state food rules, which will ultimately reduce the potential for food-borne illness in Texas. State law requires DSHS to permit and inspect retail food facilities in areas of Texas where no local health authority currently regulates.  


  • Inspect retail food establishments
  • Respond to complaints against food establishments
  • Assist with food-borne illness investigations
  • Provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions and partners
  • Perform post-disaster assessments of food establishments



    Benjamin Anderson

    Fabian Clifford 

    Glenda Castillo

    Please visit the DSHS Retail Food Establishments website for more information about starting a new business, Texas Food Establishment Rules, Frequently Asked Questions, Permit Applications, and Certified Food Manager Program.