Epidemiological Response Team - Public Health Region 11


We work with all counties in Public Health Region 11 on issues related to public health emergency preparedness and response, as well as the prevention and control of infectious diseases. We also are trained as a deployable asset to assist with public health emergencies and disease outbreaks in any other part of the state.


To promote public health by ensuring that communities are prepared to deal with incidents of bioterrorism and other public health threats and through the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Our mission is accomplished by applying principles of public health to formulate response plans and interventions with county stakeholders.


  • Participate in regional bioterrorism response planning.
  • Prepare for and respond to disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies.
  • Conduct infectious disease surveillance activities and epidemiological investigations.
  • Disseminate information on bioterrorism preparedness and response to the community and to other public health professionals, fact sheets, brochures, and formal written documents.

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Program Contacts

Carla Gutiérrez Tyler, Epidemiologist III, office: 956-421-5559
Karen Nunez, Epidemiologist II, office: 956-421-5517
Ariana Garza, Epidemiologist II, office: 956-444-3264
Elida Torres, Public Health Specialist III, office: 956-421-5558
Karen Ramos, Public Health Specialist II, office: 956-487-5565

Fax: 956-444-3216
24/7 Epidemiologist On-call: 956-421-5559