HIV STD Program - Public Health Region 11

Vision Statement

Integration of programs, people, and techniques in the approach to disease prevention of communicable diseases. Disease trend analysis and the design of innovative approaches toward changing the behaviors that lead to disease. The proliferation of truly integrated bi-national disease prevention programs. 


The HIV/STD Program goals include health education, risk, and case reduction of congenital syphilis, female pelvic inflammatory disease, HIV, and life-threatening complications of gonorrhea and chlamydia. The sexually transmitted disease personnel provide follow up to all positive HIV and syphilis cases, refers clients for treatment, and links HIV-positive clients to care. 


  • A four-day training for HIV Counselors which provides education on the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for effective HIV counseling. 

  • Monitoring of agencies and community-based organizations that have been awarded contracts to provide: 

  • HIV counseling, testing, and treatment services. 

  • Risk reduction and education.  

  • Services to HIV-positive individuals and persons living with AIDS. 

  • Region 11 assists in reporting HIV infections and AIDS cases. 

  • Provide information/educational presentations to the public, contractors, hospitals, private physicians, local health departments, schools, etc. 

  • Perform surveillance activities for the 19 counties that comprise Region 11. 

  • Disease Intervention Specialists interview infected individuals and their partners, who are strongly encouraged to be tested and treated for the disease(s) to which they have been exposed. 

  • Maintains a syphilis case registry to provide confidential and essential diagnostic and treatment information to health care providers. 

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Michael Sanchez 
HIV/STD Program Manager 
Phone: (956) 423-0130