Immunizations Program - Public Health Region 2/3

Mission Statement 

To provide leadership to increase vaccine coverage levels and reduce the burden of vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs).

Program Overview ​

  • Administration of the Texas Vaccine for Children (TVFC) and Adult Safety Net (ASN) program which provides vaccines free of charge to enrolled healthcare providers. ​
  • Regional Staff work with contracted Local Health Departments, DSHS Field Offices and approximately 750 providers to ensure that vaccines are stored appropriately and administrated only to eligible children. ​
  • Provide training and education to TVFC/ASN providers with identification of inventory accounting errors, annual contract visits, quality assurance site visits and follow-ups. ​
  • Work with schools and daycares to ensure children enrolled in those facilities meet minimum standards for attendance either through vaccination or obtaining an official vaccine exemption form. ​
  • Provide access to immunization records for children and adults who consented to be in the Texas Immunization Registry (Immtrac2). 

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Physical Address

Texas Dept. of State Health Services ​ Public Health Region 2/3
1301 S. Bowen Rd. Suite 200
Arlington, TX 76013
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