HIV-STD Program - Public Health Region 6/5 South

Paul Richards
HIV/STD Manager
Phone: 713-767-3432


The goal of the HIV/STD Program is to assure the HIV/STD prevention, care, and treatment of the estimated 6 million Texans in 16 East Texas counties that comprise Health Service Region 6-5 South. Services available to you include access to HIV/STD testing, treatment for the cure or management of HIV/STDs, and referrals to other healthcare-related needs you may encounter, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).  We work closely with local health departments, health care providers, and community health programs to provide services, resources, and leadership to reduce the spread and complications of STDs and HIV.

The functions of the program include:

  • Surveillance of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection
  • Follow-up of persons diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease or HIV infection to ensure adequate treatment and partner notification
  • Access to care and treatment for persons with HIV infection
  • Development of comprehensive STD/HIV prevention programs
  • Collaboration with at-risk communities, non-governmental organizations and local health departments
  • Education and training of doctors, nurses and other health professionals

The Region 6/5S program works hand-in-hand with local and county health departments to ensure that services are available to everyone who lives within the Region. This includes making sure that clinical services like HIV/STD testing and treatment are available to all. Regional HIV/STD staff will also work with local clinics and providers to help find resources available close to you.