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Kathleen Goss, R.S.
Becky Coonrad, R.S
Ph.  713-767-3000 | Fax: 713-767-3049 


Food safety is serious business in Texas.  Our efforts are dedicated to the elimination of foodborne illness in the Lone Star State through personal and professional excellence.  This endeavor requires the help of all public health regions, state and federal agencies, local and city health departments, private industry, and the public.  Through teamwork and diligent effort, we can accomplish our mission, “to protect the public health through the efficient operation of a comprehensive, progressive retail food protection program focusing on education, training, and oversight, which will ultimately reduce the potential for foodborne illness in Texas.”


The Department of State Health Services began implementation of the state retail food inspection program after the passage of Senate Bill 241 during the 1993 73rd legislative session.  The law requires DSHS to permit and inspect retail food facilities in areas of the state where no local health authority currently regulates these services. 


The Food Establishments Group (FEG) inspectors in Health Service Region 6-5 South

  • Conduct retail food investigations
  • Respond to inquiries from consumers and local health jurisdictions
  • Interface with other programs in Region 8 to solve problems regarding the food supply and provide more efficient services for our clients


Department of State Health Services Food Establishment Group

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