Project ECHO: PHR 6/5S Tobacco Prevention and Control

About Us

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Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), developed by the University of New Mexico, links local healthcare providers with specialized experts through video calls. This helps providers in remote areas learn about complex medical issues, making healthcare better for everyone. Visit the University of New Mexico Project ECHO website to learn more about the ECHO model.


Smoking rates in rural Texas counties, especially within Public Health Region 6/5S, continue to present a significant public health challenge. This region has some of the highest tobacco use rates among Texas counties. The 5S Tobacco ECHO initiative aims to reduce the toll of tobacco use on the health, safety, and well-being in the region.


  • Decrease tobacco use in Region 5S.
  • Prevent youth from ever starting tobacco.
  • Equip key stakeholders with skills and knowledge that will enable them to implement tobacco prevention and cessation activities.

How it Works

Project Echo Flow Chart

  • Subject matter experts present on different topics related to tobacco
  • Participants present relevant cases they have encountered in their community
  • Participants and subject matter experts work together to provide recommendations for each specific case; an all teach, all learn approach
  • Participants apply what they learn in their respective community work


  • Tobacco-Use Statistics
  • Tobacco Industry Marketing Strategies-Youth focused
  • School-level interventions for Tobacco prevention
  • How can parents get involved?
  • Neurochemistry of Nicotine Addiction
  • Latest Trends in Tobacco/Vape Products

Get Involved

Who should join?

Those who work to reduce youth tobacco use should join. This includes physicians, behavioral health and substance abuse specialists, public health and other healthcare professionals, K-12 and postsecondary administrators and faculty, youth organization administrators, and local politicians.

What are the benefits of joining?

Participants will hear from subject matter experts on tobacco related topics, can present on relevant cases in their community, and apply what they learn locally.

Sessions are every third Tuesday of the month from 9am 10am.

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