Zoonosis - Public Health Region 9/10

Mission Statement 

To inform the public, government officials, health department staff, physicians, veterinarians, and other animal welfare groups about zoonotic diseases in our region through education, disease surveillance, and epidemiological investigations.

What is a Zoonotic disease? 

A disease that is transmitted between humans and animals.

Who we are

We are regional veterinarians and zoonosis specialists with expertise in:

  • Public Health
  • Parasitology and Disease Ecology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Animal Behavior
  • Field Biology
  • Field Epidemiology

What do we do?

  • Epidemiological case investigations of all reportable human cases of zoonotic diseases in Region 9/10
  • Rabies case investigations
  • Vector-borne disease surveillance (e.g., collect ticks, mosquitoes)
  • Provide training and continuing education courses for animal control officers, veterinarians, and law enforcement
  • Inspect impoundment & rabies quarantine facilities
  • Dispense rabies post-exposure biologicals
  • Oral Rabies Vaccination Program (Mexico-Texas border)
  • Trained as a Rapid Response Team
  • Conduct active disease surveillance involving zoonotic disease outbreaks or animal die-offs
  • Collaborate with law enforcement, academic institutions, animal control, local health departments, primary care providers, veterinary clinics, zoos, and other animal welfare organizations
  • Outreach Activities (e.g., health fairs)

Recent Accomplishments

  • 266,700 oral rabies vaccine baits were distributed by air in Pecos, Terrell, Brewster, and Presidio Counties
  • 2,100 oral rabies vaccine baits were distributed on the ground in El Paso County
  • 10 rabies quarantine facility inspections were conducted

Need more information?

Program Contacts

El Paso Office

Regional Veterinarian
Phone: 915-834-7782
Fax: 915-834-7800

Zoonosis Control Specialist
Phone: 915-834-7780
Fax: 915-834-7800

Midland Office

Zoonosis Control Specialist
Phone: 432-571-4118 
Fax: 432-571-4153