Rabies (Lyssa) ICD-9 071; ICD-10 A82  
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  • Cases/Statistics
    Rabies Cases by County and Year.
  • Collection
    Rabies collection protocols in Texas.
  • Description
    A general description of the rabies virus, its effects, cause and treatment.
  • History
    History of rabies in Texas.
  • Information
    Information about rabies in Texas, including facts, prevention, vaccination, and control. Rabies Prevention in Texas includes sections on rabies biologicals; management of biting animals; collection and submission of animal specimens for rabies testing at the DSHS laboratory in Austin; list of and contact information for DSHS-designated laboratories; management of domestic animals exposed to rabid animals; rabies post-exposure prophylaxis for humans with a guide for determining if it is necessary, plus a list of and contact information for laboratories that provide RFFIT (rabies titer) testing; pre-exposure vaccination for humans; adverse reactions, precautions, and contraindications pertaining to rabies vaccine; distribution points for human rabies biologicals; and contact information for Regional Zoonosis Control offices and the Zoonosis Control Branch.
  • Maps
    Texas map indicating confirmed rabies cases by type of animal.
  • ORVP
    The Oral Rabies Vaccination Programs.
  • Rabies Vaccine for People
    Information pertaining to the availability of rabies biologicals for people.
  • Testing
    Information on testing for rabies in humans and in animals, plus contact information for the RFFIT (rabies titer testing).
  • Vaccinations
    Rabies vaccination requirements and vaccination programs in Texas.