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Texas School Health Advisory Committee Business

Below are the Texas School Health Advisory Committee (TSHAC) past meeting agendas and minutes. See information about the next TSHAC public meeting.  

Past Meetings     

Meeting Information
 Date Agenda  Minutes  Webcast Recording* 
 November 1, 2021  01Nov2021 Agenda    01Nov2021 Webcast  
 March 29, 2021  29Mar2021 Agenda  29Mar2021 Minutes   29Mar2021 Webcast  
 September 14, 2020 14Sep2020 Agenda  14Sep2020 Minutes   14Sep2020 Webcast  
 February 24, 2020  24Feb2020 Agenda  24Feb2020 Minutes   24Feb2020 Webcast  
 September 16, 2019  16Sep2019 Agenda  16Sep2019 Minutes  16Sep2019 Webcast  
 February 4, 2019  04Feb2019 Agenda  04Feb2019 Minutes  
 September 17, 2018  17Sep2018 Agenda  17Sep2018 Minutes  
 April 23, 2018  23Apr2018 Agenda  23Apr2018 Minutes  
 January 22, 2018  22Jan2018 Agenda  22Jan2018 Minutes  
 September 11, 2017  11Sep2017 Agenda 11Sep2017 Minutes  
*TSHAC meetings were available via webcast starting September 2019. There are no webcast recordings before that time.
All Recorded Webcasts

TSHAC Reports

Please email SchoolHealth@dshs.texas.gov if you have questions about TSHAC meeting agendas, minutes or annual reports. 

Last updated November 3, 2021