Texas Fish Consumption Advisory Viewer

small preview snapshot of Texas Fish Consumption Advisory Viewer

The Texas FishConsumption Advisory Viewer is an interactive map. It helps you to identifyhealth advisory information for fish in Texas bodies of water.

Please see thestep-by-step instructions below for help with the Texas Fish ConsumptionAdvisory Viewer. You can also contact the Seafood and Aquatic Life Branch at512-834-6757 or emailthem at seafood.regulatory@dshs.texas.gov.

Access the Texas Fish Consumption Advisory Viewer


View the Texas Fish ConsumptionAdvisory Viewer User Guide, or follow these step-by-stepinstructions.

1.     Use the + button on the toolbarto zoom in on the water body that you are fishing. You can drag the map tomove to the right water body.

2.     Use the fish placemark or a yellow or red shaded water body. This will make a pop-upwindow appear. It will have health advisory information for the water body.

3.     Get more information about the health advisory with the “MoreInfo” links.