Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotyping

Laboratory Fee Schedule
Procedure Number: NA

Synonym(s): Pneumococcus, pneumococci, pneumococcal, respiratory, invasive, Minnesota ARLN
Requisition Form G-2B
Test Description
  • Serotype identification by whole genome sequencing (WGS).
  • Only isolates of invasive S.pneumoniae from children younger than 5 years old are reportable and accepted by DSHS Lab. 
  • Isolates submitted by DSHS Lab to Minnesota Dept. of Health AR Lab Network lab for serotyping. 
Test Description
Pre-Approval Needed
  • N/A
Supplemental Information Required
  • Please include vaccination history (if known) on back of submission form or attach report to form.
Performed on Specimens from (sources)
  • Human 
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing
  • Pure cultured S. pneumoniae isolates from blood and CSF specimens from children younger than 5 years old.
Minimum Volume/Size Required
  • At least one viable colony of pure isolate per plate/slant
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping
  • Store at ambient temperatures or refrigerated at 2–8°C until shipment.
Transport Medium
  • Any medium that supports growth of Streptococcus spp. (e.g., blood agar, chocolate agar)
Specimen Labeling
  • At least two patient identifiers are required on specimen (e.g., patient full name, date of birth, medical record number). 
  • Three patient identifiers are preferred. 
  • Patient identifiers on specimen label must exactly match identifiers on submission form. (e.g., abbreviated name on label and full name on form is not acceptable.)
  • Additional DSHS Laboratory specimen labeling guidelines available online here.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements
  • Ship at room temperature or on cold packs. Ship with several cold packs during times of excessive temperatures.
  • Ship according to Dangerous Goods Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49.
  • Category B Biological Substance, UN3373 shipping requirements apply.
  • Handle as infectious agent using universal precautions. 
  • Triple-contain in accordance with federal shipping regulations. 
  • Submitters are responsible for packaging and shipping specimens according to regulatory requirements. 
  • Laboratory does not supply collection kits or shipping materials.
  • Additional DSHS Laboratory specimen labeling guidelines online here
Method Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
Turn-around Time
  • 10–21 days 
  • Specimens are submitted to Minnesota Department of Health ARLN laboratory for testing. 
  • Specimen must be a viable pure isolate for testing.
Common Causes for Rejection
  • Isolates are obtained from patients more than 5 years old. 
  • Incorrect specimen collection method(s)
  • Mismatch(es) between patient identifiers on G-2B submission form and specimen label. 
  • Insufficient specimen growth
  • Non-viable isolates
  • Mixed culture/contamination
  • Incorrect storage conditions 
  • Expired reagents/media/collection container
  • Missing/incomplete/illegible submission form
Additional Information
  • Invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae infection in children younger than 5 years old is a notifiable condition and isolates are REQUIRED to be submitted to the DSHS Laboratory per Texas Administrative Code (TAC) chapter 97. 
  • Mark the “IDEAS” box as the payor source on the G-2B form.