Texas Birth Defects Monitor

Annual Supplemental Data and Research Update

Volume 28, December 2022

  • Changes in Spina Bifida Lesion Level After Folic Acid Fortification in the United States
  • Data from the Texas Birth Defects Registry, 1999-2018
  • Racial and Ethnic Differences in Survival with Central Nervous System Defects in Texas, 1999-2017

Volume 27, December 2021

  • Evaluating the Extent of Folic Acid Fortification of Corn Masa in Texas
  • Birth Defect Investigations in Texas: The First 25 Years
  • Connecting Children with Spina Bifida and Encephalocele to Health and Social Services

Volume 26, December 2020

  • Case Management Partnership with Regional Specialized Health and Social Services: A Closer Look at Down Syndrome
  • Updated Data from the Texas Birth Defects Registry, 2012-2017
  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect Mortality

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