Expected Cancer Cases and Deaths

The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) calculates expected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths for the upcoming/current year. These estimates are calculated by applying age-, race-, and sex-specific incidence and mortality rates to the corresponding projected population for a given year. The expected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths for the most common cancer sites are available for Texas statewide, each of the eleven Public Health Regions (PHR), each of the 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), and for counties with with at least 100,000 population. TCR also calculates statewide expected new cases and deaths for childhood and adolescent cancer as well as adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer. Please note that the sum of male and female expected numbers may not always equal the total numbers due to rounding.

Public Health Region

By Primary Site and Sex; each Public Health Region (PHR) listed on a separate tab  

Metropolitan Statistical Area

By Primary Site and Sex; each Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is listed on a separate tab 


By Primary Site and Sex; available for counties with at least 100,000 population

Childhood and Adolescent Cancer

Texas Statewide by Cancer Site, Age, and Sex; among those age 0-19 years at diagnosis/death 

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer