About the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies and Advisory Committee

Serving as a steering committee for the Texas Center for Nursing and Workforce Studies (TCNWS), the advisory committee is composed of 21 members. Each is a subject-matter expert in a different discipline, such as nursing and health care organizations, nurse employers, state agencies, nurse researchers, nurse educators, and one member from the general public.

We rely on their expertise to:

  • Guide the accuracy of reporting data and research results
  • Develop priorities and an operations plan for the TCNWS
  • Provide policy recommendations to assure an adequate nursing workforce for Texas
  • Identify any issues concerning nursing professionals that need further study

More Information

The Texas law creating the Center for Nursing Workforce Studies Advisory Committee (TCNWSAC) is found in Section 104.0155 of Chapter 104 of the Health and Safety Code.
The TCNWSAC is supported by the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies (TCNWS). The statute establishing the TCNWS within the Health Professions Resource Center can be found in Chapter 105, Section 105.002 of the Health and Safety Code.  Section 105.003 covers data collection, and Section 105.004 concerns reports.

The TCNWSAC relies on task forces to provide guidance and subject matter expertise in the implementation of a variety of surveys. To learn more about our project task forces, visit our task force page.

Seeking Candidates for Nurse Researcher on TCNWS Advisory Committee

The TCNWS Advisory Committee is seeking candidates for a vacant nurse researcher position on the committee. The term for this position begins March 1, 2024 and ends August 31, 2026.

To be eligible you must:

  • have a current RN license and an advanced nursing degree;
  • be employed in a position that requires management of, and/or involvement in, active research activities related to nursing workforce, work/practice environments, nursing education, or related topics;
  • demonstrate progressive experience and an active research agenda through peer-reviewed publications related to nursing workforce, work/practice environments, nursing education, or related topics.

Please send an email to TCNWS@dshs.texas.gov indicating your interest to serve on the committee and highlighting the contributions you can bring to the committee as well as a resume/CV by January 19, 2024.