Bloodborne Pathogen Control in Texas Schools

Texas public school districts are required to implement bloodborne pathogen exposure control plans. The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) School Health Program compiled the following information and resources. The goal is to assist public school districts to adopt and revise policies tin order to comply with Health and Safety Code, Chapter 81, Subchapter H (Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan) (§§ 81.301- 81.306) and the Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 96 (Bloodborne Pathogen Control) (§§96.101, 96.201-96.203, 96.301-96.304, 96.401-96.402, 96.501). 

Before contacting the DSHS School Health Program or Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Surveillance; please do the following:

Resources for Training and Implementation of Exposure Control Plans 

DSHS Audiovisual Library  

The Audiovisual Library has videos and other resources to help with training school staff. Materials are available on a free loan (up to 10 days) basis to residents of the state of Texas.

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DSHS Infectious Disease Prevention Section (IDPS) 

The Infectious Disease Prevention Section (IDPS) assists local and regional public health officials in investigating outbreaks of acute infectious disease or report isolated cases of rare or unusual disease. IDPS has information about the Texas Administrative Code and a sample Exposure Control Plan.

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Other Agencies with Resources