Binational TB Program - Referral Criteria

TB Binational Program logoThe Texas binational TB programs provide assistance or make recommendations in evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring clients with suspected or confirmed TB disease. A client must meet any one of the following criteria to receive services through the Binational TB Program:

  • The client starts treatment in the U.S. but returns to live in Mexico
  • The client is referred from the U.S. for treatment or follow-up in Mexico
  • The client has dual residency in the U.S. and Mexico
  • The client has contacts on both sides of the border, in the U.S. and Mexico
  • The client lives in Mexico but has relatives in the U.S.

Contact the individual programs to initiate a referral to the binational program. U.S. jurisdictions needing to transfer a patient to the binational program please submit the Interjurisdictional TB Notification (IJN) Form. Mexico jurisdictions please submit the Formato de Referencia para Jurisdicciones en México.

For service areas outside the binational TB programs contact CDC Cure TB Program or Migrant Clinicians Network/Health Network.