How to Quit Vaping

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Many teens believe vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes when they pick up the habit. Quitting isn’t easy. You can help by learning about resources that are available and providing support and encouragement every step of the way.

Visit for expert advice about how to quit using any tobacco product. Call the Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT to connect with a professional who can guide you through the process and recommend support programs in your community.

Quitting Tips

Research has shown that following these steps gives vapers the best chance of quitting for good. Here are some tips you can share with your teen to help them successfully quit vaping.

Prepare to Quit

  • Think about the benefits of quitting, such as healthier lungs and less risk for disease or injury.
  • Give yourself time to get ready. Then pick a date and stick to it.
  • Get rid of all your vapes and accessories.
  • Ask people not to vape around you and avoid situations where you know people will be vaping.

Build a Support System

  • Ask for help. The people who care about you want you to succeed and will help when times get tough. You don’t have to do it alone.
  • Take advantage of the resources available through and the Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT.

Change Your Habits

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  • Try changing your daily routine to avoid “triggers” that cause you to want to vape. It may be best to avoid certain situations in the early stages of quitting.
  • Prepare for cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
    • Learn about stress-reducing activities like meditation or taking a brisk walk to keep yourself busy.
    • Keep a water bottle or gum handy for when you feel tempted to vape.
    • Think about what you’ll say if somebody offers you a vape.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of quitting.
    • Start thinking of yourself as someone who isn’t defined by vaping.
    • Make a list of positive things about yourself that don’t involve vaping and keep it where you can see it often. Remind yourself that quitting is worth it for the long run.
      • Spend time with people who make you feel good about your decision and who want you to quit.

Talking with a Teen about Quitting

For most people, it takes practice to quit for good. You can help teens make the decision to quit and encourage them to stick with it when it gets tough. Remember to be patient and positive if they don’t quit on the first try.

Parents: We’re Talking to You Too!

If you smoke or vape, take steps to quit. Your example is the best message you can send your teen. Even if you have tried to quit in the past, you can demonstrate the importance of trying again. and the Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT have resources that can help you quit for good. 

Ready to Quit?


Call the Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT