Texas.gov FAQS

I'm trying to order online, and I'm getting the error message that my information could not be verified. What do I do?

If you have verified that you have entered your information correctly and still get the error message, you can apply through another method. See the Birth Records and/or Death Records pages for information on the other ways to order.

How do I pay for my online order?

Texas.gov accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

Can I save my order and then later resume working on it?

No. The Texas.gov Vital Records Application provides users with a way to compose and submit an order only during a single session.

Can my online order be shipped to multiple addresses?

To ship to multiples address, you must create a separate order for each address. Each order will need to be paid for separately.

What kind of records can I order online?

There are six types of records available for online ordering:

  • Birth Certificate (long and short forms)
  • Birth Verification Letter
  • Death Certificate
  • Death Verification Letter
  • Marriage Verification Letter
  • Divorce Verification Letter

Additional services are available by mail and through other methods as described on the  Texas Vital Statistics website.

I am not allowed to order online based on my relationship to the record, but I believe I have a right to the record. Why can't I order the record using Texas.gov? What are my options?

Texas.gov restricts access to protected records due to security reasons. If you believe you have a legal right to a record, you can still apply by mail or in person. See the Birth Records and Death Records pages for information on the other ways to order.

How are you ensuring that my personal record cannot be purchased by just anyone online?

The security of Texas vital records is extremely important to the state.  Texas.gov requires that applicants enter identifying information to prove they are a qualified to order a record before it is released.

When will I receive the record I've requested?

See our Processing Times page for how long it takes to process orders for the various record types. The shipping time depends on the type of shipping you select.

How else can I order vital records?

You can also order vital records by mail or in person. See the  Vital Statistics website for complete details.