Project Public Health Ready

Texas Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) is a partnership program between the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The project is a competency-based training and recognition program that assesses preparedness and assists local health departments (LHDs), or groups of LHDs collaborating as a region, to respond to emergencies. The PPHR criteria are nationally recognized standards for local public health preparedness.

PPHR criteria are composed of three goals:

  1. Goal I: All-hazards Preparedness Planning
  2. Goal II: Workforce Capacity Development
  3. Goal III: Demonstration of Readiness through Exercise or Real Event

State Supported Model

Texas practices the state-supported model of PPHR. This means that the PPHR application process for all LHDs within Texas is coordinated by DSHS.

Texas PPHR Annual Timeline

  • DSHS recruits LHDs annually to participate in PPHR
  • Recruitment begins in spring & summer of each year
  • “Intent to Apply” & 1st fee of $2,500 deadline is October 31st of each year
  • LHDs work on their PPHR documentation and application from November through August
  • LHD applications go through in-state peer reviews during May through June 
  • Complete application & 2nd fee of $2,500 is due to NACCHO for national peer reviews in August

PPHR Recognized LHDs in Texas

DSHS is proud to say that the following LHDs have successfully met the PPHR nationally recognized standards for local public health preparedness.

  • Harris - 2015
  • Fort Bend - 2016
  • Williamson - 2016
  • Hidalgo - 2017
  • Laredo - 2017
  • Denton - 2018
  • Austin - 2019
  • Lubbock - 2019
  • El Paso - 2022

The Texas PPHR State Coordination Team (SCT) is composed of a state lead and support members. The state lead coordinates the overall implementation of PPHR and facilitates communications between LHDs and NACCHO.

Learn More about the recognition and re-recognition process.

For questions about applying for PPHR recognition in Texas, please contact the PPHR State Lead at