Community Health Worker Renewal

You must meet these requirements to renew your Community Health Worker (CHW) certification: 

  • Be a current Texas resident,  
  • Submit a renewal application every 2 years.
  • Complete 20 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. 
  • Submit a color photo- Photo Requirements

Community Health Worker Renewal Application

Renewal Requirements

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)​​​​​

Your CHW certificate renewal requires continuing education units. There are three types of CEUs.  

  • DSHS-certified CEUs for CHW.  These CEUs are approved by the CHW program
  • CEUs completed for another Texas license or certification in another health profession. These must be related to the CHW core competencies.  
  • Non-certified CEUs. CEUs from training programs and instructors that we did not certify. These must be related to one of more of the core competencies.

You can combine the CEUs in a few different ways.  

Option 1:

  • All CEUs completed are DSHS certified for CHWs.

Option 2:

  • At least 5 DSHS certified CEUs for CHW,
  • Up to 5 hours of continuing education you did to renew a Texas license or certification in another health profession,
  • Any Combination of non-certified and DSHS-Certified CEUs for CHWs to equal 10.

Option 3:

  • Ten (10) DSHS-certified CEUs for CHW
  • Any combination of non-certified and DSHS-certified CEUs for CHWs to equal 10.

Frequently Asked Questions