CHW and Instructor Training Programs

What is a DSHS-certified training program? 

Certified training programs are organizations approved by DSHS to provide:

  • Community Health Worker (CHW) certification course,
  • CHW continuing education; and
  • CHW Instructor continuing education.

Certified training programs include:

  • Community colleges
  • Health science centers
  • Area Health Education centers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Regional CHW associations
  • Community-based programs

Potential training sites must apply with a curriculum for their desired certification and a plan for delivering future training. Always consult the proper authorities before applying to become a training site or submitting a new curriculum.  

Explore certified training programs in Texas.  

Is your organization interested in becoming a training program?

Certified training programs provide training for promotores, community health workers, and/or instructors. Organizations may apply to provide the following training:

  • Certification course of at least 160 hours with at least 20 hours for each of the core competencies;
  • Continuing education; or
  • Both–certification courses and continuing education

Read more details in the initial application and the renewal application: 

Approved Shareable CHW or Instructor Curriculum

Many training programs have agreed to share curriculum approved for DSHS-certified CEUs. The list of shared curricula is subject to change and will be updated quarterly. The list is divided by topic and includes the name of the curriculum, the number of CEUs, as well as the name of the training program that “owns” the curriculum. Curricula for instructor training is located at the end of the list.

View the Shareable Curriculum List.

Training programs that would like to borrow a curriculum must contact the training program specified on the shared curriculum list. Programs must email the CHW Training and Certification Program at when they share a curriculum with another training program. Please include the curriculum name and the training program requesting the curriculum.

View the Certified Training Programs for contact information. 

Curriculum Submission

All certified CHW or instructor training programs should use the Training Program Curriculum Submission Form to submit the curriculum for review and approval for community health workers or instructor DSHS-certified contact hours. 

Guest Instructor Request

Certified CHW and instructor training programs may request to use a guest instructor to provide DSHS-certified contact hours. The guest instructor must be approved by DSHS well in advance of the proposed training.

Read the Guest Instructor Procedure and submit the Guest Instructor Request Form for review and approval. 

Announcements of Upcoming Training

Training programs may email information on upcoming training events offering DSHS-certified contact hours to or to their designated CHW Training and Certification Program contact If appropriate, DSHS will disseminate the announcements for training events or courses through the DSHS  GovDelivery to certified CHWs and CHW Instructors. Certified CHWs and CHW Instructors will access and complete in-person or online certified DSHS-certified CEUs sent by DSHS through GovDelivery for the renewal of their certification. Please include the following information in the email message:

  • Name of the training program, 
  • Title,
  • Instructor(s),
  • Date,
  • Time,
  • Method, (i.e. in-person, distance learning)
  • Location,
  • Number of DSHS-certified hours (note whether CEUs are for CHWs, instructors, or both)
  • Competencies,
  • Cost,
  • Language,
  • Registration information, and
  • Contact information for questions   

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