EMS Exam Information

This information is to assist you in scheduling your EMS certification or licensing exam. All testing for ECA, EMT, Advanced EMT and paramedic certification/licensure will be done through National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians at Pearson VUE testing sites.

  • All education programs and students must register with NREMT at www.nremt.org.
  • Pearson VUE is a separate entity that has an agreement with NREMT to give the exams. 
  • The Authorization to Test (ATT) is your permission slip to contact Pearson VUE to schedule your exam. 
  • Coordinators should issue students an individual course completion certificate;
  • Certificates are audited as needed by DSHS.  
  • Course completion certificate information is needed to apply with DSHS. 
    • DSHS course number 
    • Completion date 
  • The ECA and EMT practical (skills) testing are part of the education course.   
  • National Registry representatives are still needed for advanced practical exams. 
  • To schedule the exam, have the program name and program number assigned to your registration program by NREMT. 

Texas EMS Renewal Candidates

Written Exam Option

  • The written exam option is still available. 

  • This assessment exam will be a CBT exam as well. 
  •  The  exam is developed for DSHS by NREMT and follows the same process for the other CBT exams.
  • Create your account, and choose assessment exam.  
  • Exam results will be reported directly to DSHS.
  • Visit the NREMT webpage or call the NREMT at 614-888-4484.