Renewals - EMS Personnel Certification and Licensure

We recommend you begin the recertification process three to four months prior to your expiration date. Certification does not extend beyond your expiration date. This applies in all cases; see late renewal option if applicable. 

Note: Only criminal and/or disciplinary information that has never been reported to DSHS or that has occurred since the date of the applicant's last initial, or renewal application needs to be reported.

Fingerprinting Requirement for Renewal

Beginning June 1, 2020, all EMS certificate/license holders will need to have completed a fingerprint-based background check before their renewal application can be approved. It is highly recommended that this process is completed in advance of the expiration date so there is not a lapse in certification. Please don’t wait to complete your online renewal application if your name does not appear on the list

If an EMS certificant/licensee has NOT completed a fingerprint-based background check. To request the fingerprint service code, email EMS Certification

Note, due to legal restrictions, an individual who completed a fingerprint-based background check for another agency will have to complete another one specifically for DSHS/EMS. 

To verify if an EMS certificate/license holder has already completed a fingerprint-based background check for DSHS EMS,, select the appropriate level below.  

Fingerprint Based Background List

These lists are updated on the 1st and 15th of each month. If these dates fall on the weekend or holiday, they will be posted the following business day. If an EMS certificate/license holder has completed a fingerprint based background check for DSHS/EMS but their name is not included on the list, they will need to contact Sabrina Lee Richardson at 737-465-7220 or

Recertification/Relicensure Applicants

ECA, EMT, Advanced EMT, EMT-P, LP application submission: 

Please log in to your EMS account at, verify you see your license information, select the application under Time to Renew, complete the renewal application, submit, and pay the non-refundable fee. Once completed, please go to your license home page, select Show Details, and make sure your expiration date changed.  

Read the rule concerning renewal options. You can verify your certification status and expiration date through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System.  

All EMS Personnel (ECA, EMT, AEMT, EMTP, and LICENSED PARAMEDIC) renewal applicants must complete an EMS jurisprudence examination approved by the Department before submitting a renewal application. An EMS jurisprudence examination is a CE course covering information about Texas EMS Laws and Rules. The EMS jurisprudence examination is offered by Department approved continuing education (CE) programs.

If you are employed or volunteer with an EMS talk to your administrator or director they may direct you to a CE program or view a list of CE programs offering the EMS jurisprudence examination.

Recertification/Relicensure Options:

On the application, choose one of the four options below. 

Option 1 - Examination 
        • The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is using the National Registry 
           Assessment Exam as the state-approved exam.   
        • You will be responsible for scheduling an exam with National Registry.
        • In addition to the state application non-refundable fee, you will be required to pay a testing fee 
          to National Registry. Volunteers are not exempt from NR testing fees. 
        • You MUST make a passing score of at least 70 percent. 
        • If you fail the exam, you can not gain certification through another option. 
        • If you fail the exam, you will be given opportunities to retake the exam.  

Option 2 - Continuing Education 
        • Submit application as directed above. 
        • CE must: 
              - be preapproved and in specified content areas 
              - meet minimum hours in content areas and meet total required for four-year period. 
              - As of 9/1/02, reporting CE is no longer required (unless selected for audit). 
        • CE participation/record keeping is your responsibility. You must maintain all CE records 
           for five years. Your records may be audited. 

Option 3 - National Registry 
        • Submit application as directed above. 
        • You must hold current NR certification at the time of renewing your Texas 
        • You must include your NR number and expiration date on your Renewal application.  

Option 4 - Formal Recertification Course 
        • Submit application as directed above. 
        • Complete course anytime during the 4 year certification period. 
        • Minimum contact hours for course are as follows: 
          ECA - 24; EMT - 48; Advanced EMT - 72; EMT-P and Licensed Paramedic - 96 

Option 5 - Comprehensive Clinical Management Program (CCMP) Recertification.  

An applicant affiliated with an EMS provider that has a department-approved may be recertified if: 

the applicant is currently credentialed in the provider's CCMP; 

  • the applicant has been enrolled in the provider's CCMP for at least six continuous months; 

  • the applicant submits to the department a signed written statement by the CCMP's medical director, attesting to the applicant's successful participation in and completion of the provider's CCMP; and 

  • the applicant has completed a state approved jurisprudence examination to determine the knowledge that the applicant has on state EMS laws, rules, and policies. 

Coordinator or Instructor

EMS coordinator, EMS instructor and EMS information operator instructor application submission: 

Renew online. Application processing takes up to four weeks. If your application is incomplete, your renewal will be delayed.  If your application is incomplete or does not include all the required attachments, you will be contacted regarding how to correct the deficiency. Contact your local DSHS field office for information regarding specific details about application submission guidelines. 

Find your local DSHS field office address, phone number and staff e-mail addresses. You can verify your certification status and expiration date through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System.

Inactive Certification

Inactive application submission: Request an application by emailing

  • Change active certification/licensure to inactive. Your inactive status will be given the same expiration date as your current certification/licensure. You must renew as inactive. 
  • Renew active or inactive certification as inactive. The inactive certification period begins the day after current certification expiration and is effective for four years. 
  • Renew expired, active or inactive certification as inactive. 

Inactive status is only available up to one year past your current expiration date. After one year past the expiration date, you must comply with the initial certification/licensure  application requirements. 

While in inactive status you can not perform any activities regulated under the Health and Safety Code, Chapter 773. Performance in any capacity for compensation or as a volunteer is prohibited, and failure to comply shall be cause for decertification. Inactive status does not prohibit you from performing first aid, CPR or automatic external defibrillation in the capacity of a lay person.  

Application processing takes up to four weeks. You will be responsible for scheduling an exam with National Registry.

EMS Rule 157.34(f) Inactive to active certification. 

(1) An inactive certificant prior to the expiration of the first four-year inactive certification period may obtain active certification by submitting an application and the non-refundable fee to the department, as described in subsection (a)(4) of this section and by completing one of the following options: 

    (A) Option 1--meet the normal 4 year continuing education requirement for certification renewal as listed in subsection (b)(2) of this section, submit verification of skills proficiency from an approved education program, and pass the national registry assessment exam. 

    (B) Option 2--complete a department approved recertification course, and pass the national registry assessment exam. 

(2) A certificant who has held inactive certification for more than four years may return to active certification only by completing requirements described in §157.33(a) or (j) of this title. 

Late Renewal

Applicants completing ALL renewal requirements between date of expiration up to one year after expiration date may choose to renew by any of the four available options above and submit a late skills verification with the application.  

Applicants whose certification has been expired for one year or more may not renew the certificate. The applicant may become certified by complying with initial or equivalency certification required.   

Application submission 

Renew online  

  • For applicants completing renewal within 90 days after expiration date, the fee schedule is: Basic level application fee (ECA or EMT) includes late fee = $94; advanced level application fee (Advanced EMT or EMT-P) includes late fee = $141; licensed paramedic = $186 

  • For applicants completing renewal between 91 days and one year after expiration date, the fee schedule is: Basic level application fee (ECA or EMT) includes reentry late fee = $124; advanced level application fee (Advanced EMT or EMT-P) includes reentry late fee = $186; licensed paramedic = $246 

Even if you submitted the application and non-refundable fee at an earlier date but did not achieve renewal, you will be required to complete a new application and owe a new non-refundable fee of twice the normal fee. 

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