Renewals - EMS Personnel Certification and Licensure

We recommend you begin the recertification process three to four months prior to your expiration date. Certification does not extend beyond your expiration date. This applies in all cases; see late renewal option if applicable. 

Note: Only criminal and/or disciplinary information that has never been reported to DSHS or that has occurred since the date of the applicant's last initial, or renewal application needs to be reported.

Fingerprinting Requirement for Renewal

Once licensees complete the initial fingerprinting process, there is no need to repeat the process for the Department. The Department will unsubscribe the licensee’s background check with the Department of Public Safety one year after certification/license expires. If the individual reapplies for certification/licensure after the one-year mark, he/she will be required to complete the fingerprint background check again. Please note that due to federal regulations, State agencies can not share the fingerprinting process or information.

ECA, EMT, Advanced EMT, EMT-P, LP Applicants

Read the rule concerning renewal options. You can verify your certification status and expiration date through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System.

All EMS Personnel (ECA, EMT, AEMT, EMTP, and Licensed Paramedic) renewal applicants must complete an EMS jurisprudence examination approved by the Department before submitting a renewal application. An EMS jurisprudence examination is a CE course covering information about Texas EMS Laws and Rules. The EMS jurisprudence examination is offered by Department approved continuing education (CE) programs.

EMS Coordinator, EMS Instructor and EMS Information Operator

You can verify your certification status and expiration date through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System.

Inactive Certification

Inactive application submission: Request an application by emailing

  • Change active certification/licensure to inactive. Your inactive status will be given the same expiration date as your current certification/licensure. You must renew as inactive. 
  • Renew active or inactive certification as inactive. The inactive certification period begins the day after current certification expiration and is effective for four years. 
  • Renew expired, active or inactive certification as inactive. 

Inactive status is only available up to one year past your current expiration date

Late Renewal

Applicants completing ALL renewal requirements between date of expiration up to one year after expiration date may choose to renew by any of the four available options above and submit a late skills verification with the application.