Emergency Care Attendant Training Funding

Funding for Emergency Care Attendant training

Does your area need initial training for your first responder organization or EMS service? Are you located in a rural or underserved area? Do you have at least three people who are interested in taking the training? And are these individuals willing to commit a year of service to your organization after achieving ECA certification?

If you answered yes to the questions above, your organization may be eligible for a free ECA training course conducted in your area at times and locations convenient for your students. The Texas Legislature recognized the increasing difficulty of recruiting and retaining EMS personnel in rural and underserved areas of our state. HB 2446, passed during the 2001 legislative session, includes a requirement that the Office "provide or facilitate the provision of initial training for emergency care attendants, if the training is not available locally." 

If you are interested in training, contact Alyssa Resendez 512-231-5643.