EMS Trauma System Funding

These programs help fund EMS agencies, hospitals, RAC's and other association agencies through grants.   

Review our Texas EMS/Trauma Systems Funding Streams.  

ECA Training Fund


The 77th Texas Legislature, Health and Safety Code (HSC) 773.025, House Bill (HB) 2446 requires us to help with training Emergency Care Attendants (ECA) in rural or underserved areas of the state.  

We've had funds allocated to help with this. These funds give training grants to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training programs, coordinators, and instructors. These grants help these groups offer ECA classes in or near communities that don't have local EMS training resources. 


Eligible organizations are in a rural or underserved area. These include department-licensed EMS providers and registered first responder organizations. You must have at least three people who want to take the training. They must also be willing to commit a year of service to your organization after achieving ECA certification. 

Learn more about the EMS training fund here.  

EMS Allotment Fund


A licensed EMS provider that provides 911 and\or emergency transfers may be eligible for funding through:  

  • The Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care System Account (911 fund),  

  • The Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Facilities, and Trauma Care System Fund (1131 fund), and  

  • The Designated Trauma Facility and Emergency Medical Services Fund (3588 fund). 


Licensed EMS providers must meet ALL RAC eligibility and participation requirements for the previous year. This includes: 

  • Meeting attendance,  

  • Participation in performance improvement activities, as requested, and  

Use of the RAC’s regional trauma plan protocols. 

Learn more about eligibility here

Extraordinary Emergency Fund


Reserve funding is set aside each fiscal year to support the urgent, unexpected needs of EMS providers and our approved organizations.  

Funding comes from: 


Eligible organizations include:  

  • Department licensed EMS providers,  

  • Department-registered first responder organizations, and  

  • Licensed hospitals. 

Learn more about the governor’s fund here. 

Uncompensated Trauma Care Fund Distribution


The House Bill (HB) 3588, 78th Texas Legislature enacted the trauma care funding program. It says that 94% of the funds in the DTF/EMS account go to eligible Texas hospitals to reimburse a part of their uncompensated trauma care. 


Eligible applicants for the hospital allocation must either: 

  • Be a designated trauma facility or 

  • Meet “in active pursuit of trauma designation” requirements  

by the application due date. 

Learn more here.