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The Funding Information Center (FIC) was established in January 1990 to serve as a statewide clearinghouse for funding information on HIV/AIDS-related programs. The FIC is part of the Department of State Health Services Office of Practice and Learning.  

Since 1990, the FIC has helped Texas organizations secure at least $303.6 million in public and private funding to support public health-related programs and services. 

As mandated by the 1989 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Services Act (Texas Health and Safety Code, Title 2, Chapter 85, Section § 85.013 and § 85.014), the FIC researched and disseminated HIV/AIDS-related funding information to the Texas public.  

The Texas Legislature removed Section § 85.013 from the FIC mandate in April 2015.  

The scope of FIC coverage has since expanded to include almost all public health interests and many social service issues. While HIV/AIDS is still a top priority, the Funding Information Center has recognized the need to provide funding information on all aspects of public health. 

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