Texas HIV Case Management Project

The HIV case management system has served as an essential doorway to medical care, support services, and life-sustaining medications to meet the needs of Texans living with HIV. Because of the many changes over time, we began periodic reviews of the systems on this project.

Did you conduct research?

DSHS staff conducted a literature review to evaluate current thinking around case management. They interviewed six states and Texas Part A to understand their case management systems. They also visited case management sites to determine a baseline for current activities. You can find a compilation of information gathered from this project phase in the Texas HIV Case Management Project report.

Did the workgroup talk with stakeholders?

We brought together an expert panel that included case managers, medical case managers, supervisors, nurses, and social workers. There were also representatives from urban and rural areas, the DSHS public health regions, Texas Part A and B, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse. The panel provided recommendations on the best model for HIV case management in Texas. Through lively debate, they told us their thoughts and concerns about HIV case management. Their recommendations are available in the Expert Panel Report.

What were the results?

We completed the Texas HIV Case Management Report: Envisioning Systems to Improve Outcomes. This report represents the DSHS vision for medical case management (MCM) in Texas.

What's happening now?

Following the recommendations of the Expert Panel, we moved forward with two projects:

  1. Develop a MCM competency training program (initial work completed through a contract with the University of Texas)
  2. Establish an internal workgroup to revise the Texas HIV Case Management Standards of Care.

After publishing a draft of the standards for public comment, and hosting a series of town halls to seek stakeholder input, we completed the Texas HIV Case Management Standards of Care. The standards also incorporate details about case management training this includes MCM competency training program. The current Medical Case Management Standards of Care and Non-Medical Case Management Standards of Care are found on the HIV Core and Support Service Categories page.

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