Telemedicine Guide Resources

Organizations listed below do not convey an endorsement by DSHS.

American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Resources: Basic information, practice guidelines accreditation information, research information on telehealth, and ATA membership information

Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Find existing broadband connections for telehealth and telemedicine to help identify if telehealth is possible in this community and if additional broadband resources need to be acquired to successfully implement telehealth or telemedicine

National Consortium of Telehealth Resources Centers (TRC): Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) funded organization; resources include:

National School of Applied Telehealth (NSAT) provides healthcare information and education for healthcare providers and consumers (clients) via on-line or virtual educational opportunities:

  • NSAT offers fee-based certification courses that will teach the essentials of telehealth to prepare healthcare staff to be part of the telehealth team
  • For Ryan White subrecipients refer to the DSHS policy on the use of grant funds for education and certification Policy 520.002, Staff Education, Association Memberships, Training Fees and Insurance Payments Using Contract Funds

The Rural Health Information Hub is funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to be a national clearinghouse on rural health issues. RHIH has developed a toolkit of evidence-based and promising models and resources to support organizations in identifying and implementing telehealth programs to address common challenges experienced in rural communities across the United States.

Texas-Louisiana Telehealth Resource Center (TexLA): HRSA funded organization to provide technical assistance, policy updates, free training opportunities, Texas telehealth service provider directory, and resources to Texas and Louisiana providers.

Texas Medical Association (TMA) Telemedicine Program: Non-profit physician organization that provides information for physicians & medical providers, about telemedicine and telehealth; here are some but not all the resources:

  • Telemedicine Vendor Evaluation: A tool that can help providers understand and identify what types of questions should be asked and require from a vendor
  • Telemedicine Vendor Options: A sample list of electronic medical record vendors and stand-alone vendors (HIPAA compliant stand-alone vendors are noted)
  • Telemedicine Consulting: Services to assist a provider from initial assessment, policy development and implementation of telemedicine/telehealth, these services are covered by DSHS HIV Care Services, contact your DSHS Services & Nurse Consultant and see DSHS Policy 520.01, Consultant Services and Consulting Fees Paid by a Contractor Through Direct Costs
  • Policies, Procedures and forms for Telemedicine Services: Sample consent forms, emergency protocol, prescribing, reference sheet for client, payer billing information
  • COVID-19 & Telemedicine: A tip sheet on getting started with telemedicine

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Broadband: Rural Development Broadband Connect Program-provides grants and loans for the costs of construction, improvement or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas

Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC): Non-profit agency funded by the FCC, USAC provides grants via the Healthcare Connect Fund for rural and non-rural healthcare providers to assist in building broadband connectivity