Core Training

Required Training and Resources for Providers and Internal Staff

These courses are required for the HIV/STD workforce. You must complete core training within the first year of employment.

HIV Navigation in Texas (HNT) – This blended learning series consists of web-based and virtual training. It helps providers learn about successful linkage and maintenance of clients in HIV/STD prevention, care, and treatment services, including PrEP. These are important elements of the plan to end the HIV epidemic.

Gender and Sexual Diversity Training – This course consists of 4 modules; prerequisite, pre-work, one live Zoom session, and post-work and can take up to 5 hours to complete all modules. The goal of this course is to increase understanding of the dimensions of gender and sexual diversity to better serve LGBTQIA+ communities. New employees are required to complete this training within the first year of employment.

Social Determinants of Health – An understanding of social determinants is essential to the implementation of effective HIV treatment or prevention interventions. There are two options to complete the Social Determinants of Health training requirement. New employees can choose the option that works best for them.

  1. The California Prevention and Training Center provides a one-hour online course. It includes an overview of social determinants, their relevance to health disparities, and their particular importance in understanding HIV in the US today.
  2. The Texas HIV Syndicate created a Social Determinants of Health toolkit with approaches for reducing HIV-related disparities and their collective impact on vulnerable populations. Strategies in this toolkit can be used to increase awareness and direct prevention initiatives.

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) – TIC training increases awareness and understanding of the impact of violence, abuse, neglect, and adversity on the health of patients/clients. New employees are required to complete trauma-informed care training within the first year of employment. This learning session consists of 1.5 hours of pre-work, a live 2-hour instructor-led virtual training, and post-work.

Health Equity Training – For new employees who have never received health equity training or education in college or other professional training settings. It is strongly recommended they study the resources available on the Achieving Together website within the first year of employment.