Laws & Rules - Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention

Texas Laws

Texas Health and Safety Code

Section Title
§81.041 Reportable Diseases
§81.042 Persons Required to Report
§81.044 Reporting Procedures
§81.090 Diagnostic Testing During Pregnancy and After Birth
§161.004 Statewide Immunization of Children

Texas Rules

Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Subchapter A

Section Title
§97.2 Who Shall Report
§97.3 What Conditions to Report or Submit
§97.4 When to Report a Condition
§97.5 Where to Report/Submit a Condition
§97.8 General Control Measures for Notifiable Conditions
§97.10 Confidential Nature of Case Reporting and Records
§97.101 Statewide Immunization of Children by Hospitals, Physicians, and Other Health Care Providers

Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) , Title 45, Subtitle A, Subchapter C, Part 164, Subpart E

Section Title
§164.512(b) Uses and Disclosures for Which an Authorization or Opportunity to Agree or Object Is Not Required